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Harbour, the UK’s first dedicated Water Cremation Facility.

What do you want to leave behind?

What is water cremation?

Water cremation uses water and an alkali to return a person to their chemical components - given we are made up of 60% water, it seems a fitting end.

All that remains are ashes, just like a traditional flame cremation but without the environmental damage.

less emissions than flame cremation

Our environmentally conscious water cremation centre

Leading the way in green farewells

We are constructing a state of the art building for Britain’s first dedicated water cremation centre.

Set in a quiet, scenic location that provides a peaceful setting, our facility will be built using modern techniques to ensure a small carbon footprint and a beneficial impact on the local wildlife and environment. The building will be powered by clean, renewable energy and its by-products will be recovered on site through natural processes.

No air pollution or mercury emissions

Arrange a water cremation for yourself

Options include direct cremation or simple funerals through Willow Lake

If you feel that water cremation is right for you, we have a number of options available.

We’ll be offering an unattended direct cremation service nationwide. Attended funerals will be available in a number of locations through our growing network of partners.

Find out more about water cremation for you.

Partner with us to offer water cremation at your crematorium

If you are currently operating a crematorium and looking to reduce your environmental impact, partner with Harbour to offer water cremation at your venue.

Our service offers all the benefits of water cremation with no capital investment.

Click here to learn about why and how to become a partner.

Less energy from electricity and gas