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“I remember arranging my first funeral.”

Innovation through personal loss: words from Harbour’s founder, Steven Cains

My grandmother had died after a long battle with leukaemia. We called a couple of funeral directors and we were told what we should have, rather than asked what we wanted, and ended up with a traditional crematorium service. A minister spoke, despite the fact that my grandmother wasn’t religious, he gave a speech that could have described anyone, then we sang a hymn and left the chapel 20 minutes later. That cost more than £3000.

I knew that there had to be a better way. So, after working as a traditional funeral director, I created DirectCremation.co.uk, the direct cremation service. But my vision didn’t stop there. With Willow Lake, I took the concept further by providing a modern, affordable approach to funerals, allowing families to craft unique services that truly celebrate the uniqueness of their loved ones’ lives.

Now, with Harbour, I’m extending this ethos into an environmentally conscious choice that lets us honour our loved ones while respecting the world they leave behind. It’s a new way to remember, celebrate, and preserve, all in one.

Steven Cains

Steven Cains,
Harbour Founder